Welcome to The Comms Guide. The new name for RedYellow Marketing.

It’s five years (eek!) since I founded RedYellow Marketing, with a mission to help dissolve clients’ business headaches through effective marketing and communications.

Times have changed since then.

Customers are looking to me less for marketing support and more for help in communicating their business changes better. They’re hiring me to work on change projects such as mergers and acquisitions, restructures, service changes, relocations and IT or digital transformations.

I still do some marketing work, but change communications is the core of my business.

That’s why it’s time to dissolve RedYellow Marketing and change it into something better … The Comms Guide!

The Comms Guide is still run by me, Julie Sykes. And, as before, you can still hire me direct to work on your business change project and for one-off pieces of work.

I’ll continue to support existing customers with their marketing, but my business name is now The Comms Guide Ltd to better reflect where most of my work lies.

Here’s a little animation I pulled together to tell the tale.

I’m excited about the future! Here’s to helping business of all sizes communicate change better 🙂

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